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Carbon Graphite Grades Explained

No two grades of carbon graphite are exactly the same. At its base, carbon graphite possesses the strength and hardness of carbon while also boasting the lubricity of graphite, making it ideal for a variety of wet and dry applications. However, because carbon graphite is porous, it can be impregnated with other ...

The Role of Reverse Engineering in Manufacturing

One of the many benefits of carbon graphite is that it can be modified to fit the needs and specifications of your application. However, this also means that carbon graphite manufacturers that develop and mix their own grades do not share their formulas with each other.

How to Find the Right Manufacturer for Your Product or Part

Choosing the ideal carbon graphite manufacturer for your product or part can be overwhelming. Let’s explore why it’s important to find a manufacturer that’s a good fit as well as what questions you should be asking before moving forward.  

Lead Time Planning for Your Manufacturing Project

When planning out a manufacturing project, you must always be cognizant of your deadline. Failing to meet a project deadline can be extremely costly, which is why lead time planning is so important.

Common Factors to Consider in Carbon Graphite Testing

Whether you’re having mechanical seals, bearings, or another carbon graphite product manufactured, testing is an essential part of the process. Depending on your application, your carbon graphite parts may need to be tested for strength, porosity, density, conductivity, or any other number of factors.

An Aerospace Engineering Case Study: Fixing Carbon Graphite Oxidation in a High-Altitude Carbon Graphite Seal

There’s no bigger fear or worry than finding a flaw in a component that threatens your entire project.

How to Reduce Lead Time In Manufacturing for Engineering Projects

Lead times are inevitable in manufacturing; however they may be difficult to accept for your project. When you’re working on a new application, waiting on carbon graphite seals or bearings can be frustrating, and the delay may even cost your company money.

How Carbon Graphite Products Help Aerospace Engineers Design Better Components

Aerospace applications often have no room for error, which can make it difficult for you to find suitable parts that meet your industry’s strict safety requirements. It’s not enough to rely on materials that can merely tolerate these extreme aerospace environments; engineers like yourself demand high-performance ...

St. Marys Carbon’s Carbon Graphite Aerospace Engineering Solutions

For more than 80 years, St. Marys Carbon has developed industry-leading carbon graphite solutions to power clients in their endeavors. Over time, we’ve developed and maintained a reputation as a trusted provider of custom engineered solutions for a variety of industries. Instead of being satisfied by our past ...

Carbon Graphite Mechanical Seal Types

Rotating equipment often requires a dynamic mechanical seal to create a seal between a rotating shaft and a stationary body and prevent the escape of process fluid(s) including liquid and/or gas. They can also be used in mixer seals to prevent fugitive ambient particulates from entering a contained vessel being being ...

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