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Electric Vehicle Control Module

A customer of ours produces electric car charging stations and was in search of a manufacturer to develop a unique brush to use in the slip ring within their charging stations. They had a basic design of the type of brush they were looking for; however, they needed specific expertise in order to determine how this unique design could be manufactured and a material that would satisfy their performance requirements.

Industry: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
Product Needed: Brushes
Product Application: Slip Ring for Electric Car Charging
Materials & Grade Used: Wire and Carbon Graphite Brushes




Given this was a new design, our Product Development and Engineering departments worked to find a grade that would suit their application. After reviewing and testing several grades, it was determined that SMC grade G364 would be a perfect fit for their application. We believed this grade would provide them with the required performance characteristics (e.g., electrical conductivity, temperature) and also address the dusting, marring and galling issues they experienced with other materials they had previously tested.

So as not to hold up their production cycle, we further expedited the testing process by sending them samples of the material and wire so they could assemble them quickly themselves and start to test immediately. Based on the testing, they were incredibly pleased with the results of the brush and as such, they were able to finalize the drawing and we are now collaborating with them to produce these brushes as part of their production cycle.