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Choosing a Carbon Graphite Manufacturer | Certifications & Considerations

Choosing a carbon graphite manufacturer to develop your components involves more just looking at the price tag. To ensure a high-quality product that meets and exceeds regulatory compliance, find a company with proven success and attention to detail, from consulting to delivery.


Are They Certified?

When comparing prices of carbon graphite manufacturers, you should always check to see if they carry the certifications you need or prefer them to have. Not only is this an easy way to find a manufacturer that can meet your needs, but it’s also a great way to ensure you’re working with a reputable and trustworthy company.

Here are some certifications you should expect your carbon graphite manufacturer to hold: 


ITAR Registered Manufacturer

ITAR Registered Manufacturer

While International Traffic in Arms Regulations is not a certification, the registration of your carbon graphite manufacturer proves their compliance with the government’s level of defense-related products, services, and shipping activities. This is important if your business holds, or will hold, any contract with the US government.


AS9100 Certification

AS9100 Certification

Aerospace Standard 9100 is an international quality management system standard to ensure the safety of products made for aviation, space, government, and civilian manufacturing purposes. This worldwide standard holds production at a level that ensures the safety and durability of parts with rigorous documentation and quality checkpoints. This is the highest level of certification.


ISO9001 Certification

ISO9001 Certification

The International Organization of Standardization is a nongovernment organization with representatives from over 160 countries dedicated to ensuring consistent and comprehensive quality management systems. This certification proves a carbon graphite manufacturer’s dedication to provide products and services that meet all regulatory requirements. 

This is the minimum required certification to look for when choosing a carbon graphite manufacturer. Without this certification, manufacturers are not held to providing quality parts that meet or exceed customer requirements. This can lead to inconsistent parts, product degradation, and allow a larger margin for imperfections to pass to the customer. 

The Difference Between AS9100 and ISO9001 

AS9100 is a trusted quality management system used across aerospace industries to ensure the highest levels of production are followed. ISO9001 is a basic manufacturing accreditation that governs and verifies the use of the quality checks and procedures.


Production Capacity and Capabilities

Having a wide variety of solutions allows your carbon graphite manufacturer to meet a range of specifications. With a variety of base grade materials available and the ability to customize with proprietary carbon graphite grades, choosing a carbon graphite manufacturer with the highest levels of recognized certifications means you receive the best product every single time.

St Marys Carbon offers extensive options to meet your specific carbon graphite needs:

  • Temperature limitations
  • Self-lubricating properties 
  • Friction level
  • Material strength 
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity 
  • Material porosity 
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Environmental (e.g., FDA, ROHS, WRAS, lead-free)


Lead Times and Delivery Schedules 

When choosing a carbon graphite manufacturer, it is important they have a proven ability to meet deadlines. Beyond initial delivery, they should develop a proactive plan for inventory management with a forecasted solution for your parts ahead of time.  

Projecting future needs reduces costs associated with expedited orders. This can also increase the efficiency of your business. St. Marys Carbon provides product development and operations teams who work closely together to not only get products out when needed, but to create plans to avoid a future crisis. 


Customer Service and Technical Support 

Communication, transparency, and customer support are the key elements to look for when choosing a carbon graphite manufacturer. Having a single point of contact in a personal account manager ensures continuity of production, information, and timing. You should also be included in collaboration with the product development team along with the operations team to ensure a shared plan of delivery requirements and production schedules.  

Total customer service should be a priority because without you, there would be no business. St. Marys Carbon works cooperatively to meet the specifications of your product within your timeframe, including expedited delivery and shipping. 


How to Choose the Best Carbon Graphite Manufacturer 

St Marys Carbon offers extensive options to meet your specific carbon graphite needs:

  • ITAR Registered for government contracts
  • AS9100 Certified for aerospace material
  • IS9001 Certified for all general manufacturing
  • Can meet your product capacity and capabilities
  • Takes the highest quality control measures with proven success
  • Communicates clear lead times and delivery schedules
  • Incorporates customer service and technical support at every step

St. Marys Carbon is registered, certified, and globally recognized in the production of high-quality carbon graphite solutions. Trusted with the government’s most precious assets, St. Marys Carbon guarantees the right solution. On time. Every time.


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